Uniting Hands, Growing Community, Planting the Future

HCG Gardens:

“Beauty Garden” - Barnett Center, 1524 10th Ave. (2009-2012)

Description: This education garden is designed to share green growing techniques with area residents of all ages. Located at 1524 10th Ave. within the Barnett Center yard, this project is in partnership with the City of Huntington.

Plan: To create a Safe Space for learning, meeting, and building community; to demonstrate various gardening techniques to better meet specific community needs; to install Peaceful water features, a Gazebo, beautiful flowers, and a leveled raised-bed and Greenhouse area along the back of the lot.

July 12th, 2011

"Children's Peace Garden" - 1016 Minton St. (2009-2012)

Description: This Peace garden was designed to give Children a safe beautiful place to meet, play and relax. Residents have an open invitation to perform “random acts of kindness” by cutting small bunches of flowers and herbs or harvesting produce, then sharing them with others.

Plan: To work with the Springhill Elementary Cub Scouts and neighborhood residents to plant the lot with colorful flowers, herbs and various “edibles”; install privacy fencing along the back of the lot, install a ramp or stairs into the garden; help children to create custom stepping stones to be placed throughout the garden walking paths.

“Blessed Senior Garden” - 1126 Minton St. (2009-2012)

Description: This lot, the use of which was donated by May Johnson, hosts one of the original “Food” gardens created by the Fairfield Community Gardens under the direction of Marcella Murphy. As their new Garden Partners, the HCG will assist with coordinating maintenance and expansion, with the help of neighborhood Seniors and residents.

Plan: To continue planting Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs, as well as to add Senior Friendly raised beds with a “benched” edge, and mulched walking paths.

July 12th, 2011

“Family Pocket Park” - 1129 Minton St. (2010-2012)

Description: This lot, the use of which was donated by May Johnson, hosts a garden designed and created by Huntington Eagle Scout, Nikul Patel. By surveying the wants and needs of local children, Nikul worked with the HCG, his family, friends, the City of Huntington, and other area volunteers to transform this overgrown and trash filled "jungle lot" into a family-friendly play area with fruit-bearling shade plants.  

Plan: To provide a safe green space for area children to bike and play, as well as various berry and fruits for them to harvest and eat.

July 12th, 2011

“Maudella Taylor Garden” - 1437 11th Ave (2010-2012)

Description: Located behind the A D Lewis Community Center and made available by May Johnson, this large, open, sunny lot hosts a garden built by children for children. It was dedicated to Maudella Taylor at a ceremony on what would have been her 100th birthday, June 23rd 2010.

Plan: Interested youth from A D Lewis, Springhill Elementary Cub Scouts and the surrounding neighborhoods planned designed a “Food and Flower” garden, specifically made to help encourage Fairfield youth to play outside and eat fresh grown foods. Educational activities are held on site, providing opportunities to learn how to grow and prepare the foods, as well as community picnics and other events.

July 12th, 2011

“Courage Garden” - Marcum Terrace Assisted Housing (2009-2011)

Description: This garden resides within the Marcum Terrace Assisted Housing complex. It consists of 3 small Vegetable and Herb beds, accompanied by a few other plating areas filled with vibrant flowers and greenery. This garden is maintained by the residents of Marcum Terrace, and was planted by HCG volunteers.

Plan: To plant High-Nutrient Dense Foods in the Vegetable beds, and to plant more colorful and weather-resistant flowers.

“Power Gardens” - Carter G. Woodson & Northcott Court Assisted Housing (2009-2010)

Description: These gardens resided within Public Housing complexes along Hal Greer Blvd. They consisted of 3 small Vegetable and Herb beds, with several locations filled with vibrant flowers.  These gardens were maintained by residents and planted by HCG volunteers.

Plan: To plant High-Nutrient Dense Foods in the Vegetable beds, and to plant more colorful and weather-resistant flowers along the Hal Greer side of both complexes.

“A Healing Gardens” - The Healing Place (2011-2013)

The Healing Place planted a lovely garden in 2011, with a bit of help and advice from WVSU Extension and the Huntington Community Gardens. They have put much love and care into growing healthy healing foods. Great Job!

“A Community Garden with Spirit” - St. Peter Claver Catholic Church (2011-2013)

Early in 2011, St. Peter Caver Catholic Church decided they'd like to help create a garden for their community. With a little assistance and advice from WVSU Extension and the Huntington Community Gardens, their members put in an amazing amount of work, in partnership with residents in their neighborhood, to create a lovely first year community garden. Wonderful work!