Uniting Hands, Growing Community, Planting the Future

More Donations and Volunteers

Walker – Bobcat and generator
AD Lewis Center - Storage and volunteer time
Jeslyn Performing Arts Center - $1,250.00 in scholarships for Talent Show prizes, painted chairs, volunteers 6-9pm, volunteer performance
Kroger- $20 GC
Fruth Pharmacy – garden statue $50
Bank Project Solutions – donation of Office Supplies ($285)
Food Fair - $20 GC
Bucks Produce – Food for cookout
Papa John’s – 6 pizzas and volunteer time
Dominoes – 1 pizza for volunteers
Original Glorious Church – volunteer time and usage of parking lots
Fishbone Artists group – volunteer time and supplies
Natalie Thompson – banner, tshirts
Habitat for Humanity  – 8 shovels, Lot at 1016 Minton St. 
Magic Makers – costume rental $100
Master Gardeners
- $30 donation and plants
Huntington Housing Authority - $40 foodHealthy Life Market – basket
Target – GC $75 and gift basket
Pita Pit – coupons and products for Earth Day
Goodwill – free recycling bins
Panera Bread – gift cards for volunteers

Monetary & Lot donations:

$500 Big Sandy Superstore
$200 YMCA plus membership prize for Talent Show
$100 Oasis Behavioral Health
$250 Girl Scouts, Ms. Nichole Martin, Troop Leader GSBDC Brownie Troop #2615 Service Unit #902
$250 Dixon-Hughes PLLC
$200 Stan and Debra Kirk
$300 Williams Family
$??? Atkinson Family
???? Marcella Murphy
Carolyn and Thad Blatt – Lot
May Johnson – 6 lots

Volunteered Time: 

Interns from Weed and Seed
Norway Avenue Church of Christ
Marshall University International Students
Create Huntington
Residents of Marcum Terrace and Northcott Court
Moses Honda

Individual Volunteers from community:

Paige Muelleriele, Christy Risch, Brent Patterson, Stephanie Conley, Eve Marcum-Atkinson, Jim Atkinson, Marcella Murphy, Sean Nine, Copley, Jeanie Meadows, Sandra Clements, Sierra Club, Heather Sprouse, Kelly Shell, Casey WIlliams, Julie WIlliams, Benny Williams, Ayla Williams, Madison Williams, Scouts (times 10), Cary Child, Rebecca Byard-Child, Mary Lynne Simpson, Mary Claybourne, Wayne Worth, Kathy Davis, Louise Tenney, Alanna Mattison, Eva Motley, Ginny Cook, Will Holland, Adrian, Jessica, Susan Slack, Jojo Patterson, Jala Kimbro, Chris Boyer, John Marra, Joe Risch (sound system and childcare), Tim White, Carolyn Dowdy, Jim Atkinson, Scott Hamilton, May Johnson, Derrek Jackson, Ricky Wills, Barry, Dave and Toril Lavender, Breanna Shell, Nichole Martin, Amanda Smith, Michelle Indirot, Robin Harmon, Megan Hensley, Joel Copley, Nick Hall, Barbara Mannon, Katie Holiday, Karen McClannahan, Patrick Canada, Shae Hendrick, Carmen Mills, Rob Durst, Amy Pettyjohn, Ceanna Adkins, and many more!