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Fattest, Most Unhealthy City in America

Last year the Associated Press named Huntington WV the fattest, most unhealthy city in the United States, based on data from the CDC. (CDC’s SMART: BRFSS City & County Data, 2008)

According to the CDC, out of 177 Metro areas surveyed, we’re number 3 for Obesity, number 1 for Diabetes and Tooth Loss, and number 5 for Heart Disease (Charleston WV being number 1).

The CDC survey showed that, based on Body Mass (BMI), over 70 percent of our citizens are Overweight or Obese, with over 35% falling into the Obese category. The survey also showed that over 32% of Adults were disabled, with almost 17% suffering from Diabetes and 8% from Heart Disease. To add insult to injury, over 36% of our elderly (ages 65+) have lost all their natural teeth.

This effectively creates a low morale and sense of hopelessness among our community members about our place in the world. After our catastrophic flooding, loss of industry, the Marshall plane crash and the loss of four teenagers only three years ago…Huntington has taken many blows to its morale. This last slight against us echoed around the world by the Associated Press has created a dawning of Spirit.

Huntington’s history of defeat and resurrection gives inspiration that once again we can rise from the ashes and take our place as a beacon of hope to communities around the world. The HCG project is proud to be one piece of this movement, and we believe that through a Holistic Approach, Community Gardens can be a big healthy part of healing Huntington.